More Ways Than One

In More Ways Than One, Porterfield (troubled teen) expresses what he goes through, to his Principal Mr. Agnon while on the verge of being expelled.

PORTERFIELD: Mr. Agnon…um…the things that I deal with everyday, it seems to always be happening to me and how do I know when it’s big enough for me to get you. I don’t want to bother you over every little thing that happens to me because then I think you will get angry at me as if it’s my fault and I know, I know I’m no angel but I think it’s all because of the fact that things started out wrong for me and ever since, it’s always been a problem, like you said earlier, perception, people see me as some loser and over time that perception has only been cemented in people’s minds…cause, I’ve tried, I’ve tried to show other sides of myself but I’m never looked at differently, it’s like a curse I can’t break and I guess I’ve sort of accepted the fact that I am this loser, troublemaker or whatever you want to call me, I’ve grown to become this character from everyone’s mind because it makes everyone happy…I bring comfort in a way cause I’m labeled and I know I sound crazy but these are the things I’m dealing with and I just wanted you to hear it from me.

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More Ways Than One MiniIn the one-act ePlay More Ways Than One, Eddie Porterfield is at it again, getting into trouble at school and although he is on the verge of being expelled, his principal Mr Agnon gives him an opportunity that can change his life forever.

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