20 Drama Monologues for All Ages

20 Drama Monologues for All Ages presents dark, edgy, tough monologue material for actors/creators/directors to use for creative projects.

Monologues have a running time of 1-2-3 minutes in length.

Topics include working hard and hardly working, murder, wrongfully accused, angels, intelligence, internet and much more.

20 Drama Monologues for All Ages

  1. Slow and Painful Mudslide – J.J. is at it again, catching a hunter in a bear trap and making dinner.
  2. Let Me Exercise My Own Brain – After Liora lost her sister tragically, her father now smothers her with overprotection.
  3. Living Life with Decency – a dedicated farmer is on the verge with his wife and he tries to keep his land and family unit intact.
  4. Protective Shield – Rita has forgotten how to talk openly with people she loves because something bad happened to her in her past that has bottled up all her emotions.
  5. Nothing Wrong with Honest Work – a father has a strong talk with why his son isn’t excelling in his life.
  6. Sly Statements – Melanie wants her boyfriend Leo to act like a man of respect towards her.
  7. Knowing I Gave It My All – George talks about his own personal take on how he continues to keep himself motivated.
  8. Since Childhood – Zoe has realized she is in love with her best friend Ricky but because he is away at college dating someone else, she tries to break off their friendship to avoid pain.
  9. Born For This – Carko is under much pressure having launched his own start up business.
  10. Brody At Dusk – a wrongfully accused man is questioned by authorities about a crime he did not commit.
  11. The Pit of My Stomach – Nina wants her father to stop hustling and get a normal job.
  12. The Greatest Team of Corniest Corn Balls – Jeff is the owner of a marketing agency and he is so disappointed with his creative team that he destroys them in a monologue rant.
  13. Precious Son – Mischa goes off on a rant as she tries to cope with the difficulty she has raising her only son.
  14. Some Family Members Are Great – Judd faces off with a family member cutting straight to the chase and letting him know he knows the truth behind their actions.
  15. Big Prize – Lara will give her employee Mac the promotion he rightfully deserves but only under one condition.
  16. That’s As Far As You Go Mate – Darren is drunk and this opens him up to express his true thoughts and feelings to a longtime friend.
  17. Say It – Tianna has suddenly picked up on the scent of racism with her own boyfriend and it infuriates her.
  18. My Youth – Herschel visits his former music teacher’s grave and says a few choice words over what angers him.
  19. Sneak A Peek – a mother talks to her daughter about using her phone while driving.
  20. Don’t Become An Online Hater – Van surprise visits his friend only to see him playing video games and not working hard on becoming a pro fighter.


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