Do You Know How You’re Getting Home?

In the scene shared from the one act eplay High Places, Tiffany and Harrison try to get reacquainted with one another.

TIFFANY:  Do you know how you’re getting home?

HARRISON: I take the light rail?

TIFFANY: I can’t invite you over.


TIFFANY: It’s complicated.

HARRSION: Is it because of your mother?

TIFFANY: Something like that…look, I like you but I keep tryin’ to make room for you to fit in my life and I don’t see it. I’ve tried every which way and it’s useless. Besides, I know this story and how it all ends and I’m not willing to play my part. As much as I’d like things to work out, they won’t and if we could be adults about it, it’s best we part ways now and get on with things.


TIFFANY: No, it’s the truth.

HARRISON: Tell me about your Mom.


HARRISON: I want to know.

TIFFANY: She was in a car accident, it’s a miracle she even survived, but she suffered severe brain injuries and won’t ever make a full recovery…she’s getting better though, there’s days when I’ll do something and I catch her smiling at me and I end up laughin’ and…sorry, she’s beautiful, ya know?

HARRISON: …Can I ask you about your father?

TIFFANY: What father? (she laughs) More like NO father. Never met the man and don’t want to. And you? Bet your family celebrates Christmas, singing carols by your enormous Christmas tree before tearing into your gifts for the season. Am I right?

HARRISON: My parents are divorced. I have a brother in rehab and a twin sister.


HARRISON: I’m the youngest, so I get away with more crap, but they’ve never paid attention to me since forever, only I still get demands on career, school and people I surround myself with.

TIFFANY (mockingly): Bet they’d love me.

HARRISON (agreeing): You’d be their favorite person.

THEY laugh.

What’s wrong with a little more insanity in one’s life?

TIFFANY: Speak for yourself.

HARRISON: Thank you for the burger.

TIFFANY: Don’t mention it.

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