Waste of Time

In Waste of Time, Byron is a teenager who doesn’t care much about school and instead wants to focus on building his own BMX business.

BYRON:  I can’t talk to either of you without insults or threats. This is my life and I should be able to live it how I want to live it. I hate school! I don’t care about geometry or biology or all the other crap they are trying to cram into my brain. It’s useless information. All I’m learning is how to temporarily memorize stuff I have no interest in, in order to pass tests! I’m not learning anything valuable that I can use in my own life. It’s bullsh’t! Why can’t I learn the stuff I want to learn? Why can’t I follow my own interests? Why does everyone think I’m wasting my time? You both don’t see what makes me happy, you just want me to follow rules and be miserable like everybody else. Right? So I can be some robot who gets in some assembly line and pumps out a lousy life. I’m different. You both call me stupid and I’m not stupid. You show no faith in me. I built all those bikes with my own brains and my own two hands. No one taught me. I taught myself! And you call me dumb? Just because I don’t get straight A’s like Tiffany or Jason. So what?! What have they ever done on their own? Nothing!

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Waste of TimeIn this one-act ePlay, Byron battles it out with his parents over being allowed to start his own business.  3 Characters.  Drama.

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