What was the point of going out into the rain?

Drama scene from the one-act play script, “The Visitant” wherein Rick and Lara aren’t sure what to do about the stranger on their property.

LARA: Why didn’t you buy one?

RICK: I couldn’t.

LARA: Why not?

RICK: Because I didn’t know what I was buying, Lara.

LARA: How much was he selling it for?

RICK: He didn’t say.

LARA: You didn’t ask?

RICK: Of course I didn’t ask.

LARA: What was the point of going out into the rain?

RICK: I was caught off guard.

LARA: Pointless.

RICK: I didn’t know what to say!

LARA: I should have gone out there.


LARA: I’m going out there.

RICK: What?

LARA: I want to know exactly what it is that he is selling.

RICK: Why?

LARA: Because maybe I’ll buy one.

RICK: I don’t want you going out there, Lara.

Lara goes into the closet and puts on her raincoat.

LARA: What is your problem?

RICK: Why are you making me uncomfortable?

LARA: Uncomfortable? Don’t you want to get to the bottom of this business? All week you’ve been going on non-stop about this strange man on our property, and here’s your chance to find out, and you blow it.

RICK: He’s obviously some sort of crazy person.

LARA: Oh, that’s easy.

RICK: He’s not all there.

LARA: Because he’s blind?!

RICK: No! Not because he’s blind. That’s entirely irrelevant. The man is selling nothing but hot air, and he refuses to say what it is he is selling unless you buy one. Isn’t that unsettling to you? How is that rational?

LARA: I’ll be right back.

RICK: Lara, please, don’t leave this house. (beat) I should have asked him something like, “What happened if I buy one?”

LARA: You’re scared.

RICK: What? No.

LARA: You’re frightened by him.

RICK: Impossible.

LARA: I’m going.

RICK: LARA! (beat) I’ll go. Let me. I’ll go back out there. It’s fine. You stay here. Let me go instead.


LARA: Fine.

Rick puts back on his raincoat and leaves without hesitation.
Lara remains wearing her raincoat and sits to look out the window.

She sips her whiskey. Lara shouts through the window.

Find out Rick! Before he leaves! (softly) He might leave, you know, and what will we do then?

Lara is engaged with what’s taking place outside the window and stands. She sips her whiskey. She sits back down and stares out at the audience. (breaking the fourth wall), Lara averts her attention back inside the room.

Rick enters.

RICK: Hey!

LARA: What hap –

RICK: Shhh! Close the lights. Shut all the lights.

LARA: What?

Rick shuts the lights in the room.

RICK: Do you know who that was?

LARA: Who?

RICK: You’ll never believe.

LARA: Tell me.

RICK: This is extraordinary.

LARA: Out with it Rick.

RICK: That fellow, I know that man, but I don’t know who he is.

LARA: What did you say?

RICK: I know that man!

LARA: Rick –

RICK: I recognize him, he is someone I care deeply about, someone I have known all my life, maybe even in a past life, but I don’t know who he is.

LARA: …Did you speak to him?

RICK: Uh-huh.

LARA: Did you buy one?

RICK: No, of course not.

LARA: Did you ask him what he’s selling?

RICK: I didn’t need to. I already know I know him.

LARA: But how does this solve anything?

RICK: Why does it need to be solved?

Lara bulldozes her way out of the room.

Where are you going?

LARA: If you can’t make sense out of any of this, then I will!

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