It’s been there for a long time.

In drama scene from the one-act eplay, “Crack In The Chimney”, a mother and son share what it’s like to have a family that’s torn apart.

JUNIOR (16) enters the living room and he is now 16. He comes in by stepping over the fallen upstage wall.


ADRIANNA: Oh perfect honey, I have your grilled cheese all ready to go. Take a seat.

Junior sits.

JUNIOR: Thanks, Mom.

Adrianna kisses Junior on the forehead.

Is Dad stopping by?

ADRIANNA: He said he was going to drop off the money.


ADRIANNA: What’s wrong?

JUNIOR: I was hoping I could get that guitar we’ve been saving up for. Do you think we’ll have enough?

ADRIANNA: If your father drops it off, like he said he would, we should have just enough to cover it.

Gregory enters. He heads straight for the rug, rolls it up, and carries it out over his shoulder.

JUNIOR: I hope so…

ADRIANNA: Eat honey. We’ll get your guitar one way or another.

Junior eats his grilled cheese sandwich.

Phone rings. Adrianna picks it up.

ADRIANNA: Hello? Hi Mama. I’m just having lunch with Junior…

Adrianna’s voice trails off. As she steps foot into the kitchen, the lights dim over her, leaving Junior in the light.

Gregory enters and watches his son eating. Junior slowly acknowledges his father and stands up.

Gregory and Junior hold a staring contest. This time, they are on more equal ground. Gregory turns his attention to the couch. Junior watches him drag the couch across the floor, until finally taking it out of the front entrance.

Adrianna enters.

ADRIANNA: (beaming) How was your grilled cheese?

JUNIOR: It was delicious, Mom.

ADRIANNA: Good, honey. Good, my love. (She strokes his cheek and marvels at him.) Handsome.

Adrianna clears the plate from the table and puts it in the kitchen sink. She comes back in and looks around the place. She slowly approaches the fireplace/chimney and places her hands on the red brick gently. Almost as if she’s remembered something terrible.

ADRIANNA: Wouldn’t you know it? (smiling) There’s a crack in the chimney…

Junior walks to and stands behind Adrianna.

JUNIOR: There’s always been a crack in the chimney, Mom.

ADRIANNA: Has there been? Don’t be silly.

JUNIOR: It’s been there for a long time.

ADRIANNA: I’ve only just noticed it.

JUNIOR: I know.

ADRIANNA: What am I supposed to do?

JUNIOR: There’s nothing you can do.

Adrianna turns to Junior.

ADRIANNA: But you’re my son!

JUNIOR: I know.

ADRIANNA: I won’t stand for it!

JUNIOR: But this is the way things are.

ADRIANNA: It isn’t fair!

JUNIOR: Of course, it isn’t fair.

ADRIANNA: You come from a long line of nobility. Did you know that? I looked back on our family history. You have royalty in your veins. With you, there’s hope. Things can be restored. We can all live normally again. You are the link in a long chain of, of…you can bring it all back to us, the way things were, the way things ought to be, Junior.



JUNIOR:…I just want to play guitar.

Adrianna and Junior stare at one another. Adrianna studies him, before looking away.


Gregory enters, takes the old framed portrait painting above the fireplace off the wall, and exits.

Lights slowly fade to black.

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