He’s jumped off the roof loads of times

A surrealistic, absurd, dark humor scene from a 1 act play about love and happiness in, ‘Hole in the Ocean’.

HARLEY: Let’s have tea.

PEGGY and HARLEY sit on sofa and drink tea.

PEGGY: So tell me about Stanley.

HARLEY: Who’s Stanley?

PEGGY: That nice young man you’ve been dating?

HARLEY: I’m with Ruth.

PEGGY: Ruth? Who the hell is Ruth?

HARLEY: My wife.

PEGGY: You’re married?

HARLEY: Three years.

PEGGY: Oh dearie me, congratulations.

HARLEY: You will love Ruth, she’s great.

PEGGY: Is she beautiful?

HARLEY: Not really.


HARLEY: But she’s great in bed.


HARLEY: She’s the best.

PEGGY: Well, that’s a good thing, dearie me.

HARLEY: She loves dogs.

PEGGY: Remember when I used to hit you with the wooden paddle?


PEGGY: How I thoroughly enjoyed beating you, dearie me. One of my greatest pleasures in life.

HARLEY: I’ve always wanted you to be happy mother.

PEGGY: Oh, I’ve been happy, happiest when most violent. I devour violence. Blood, guts, the whole nine yards. You understand.

HARLEY: You need that in your life in order to function.

PEGGY: Exactly, exactly, dearie me. Ever feel like you want to throw yourself off a roof?

HARLEY: Never.

PEGGY: That’s because you take after your father. Gregory is all me. He’s jumped off the roof loads of times.

HARLEY: It shows.

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Hole in the Ocean by Joseph Arnone 1In the one-act eplay Hole in the Ocean, Peggy and Harley can’t seem to come to terms with the source of their unhappiness.  2 women, 1 man.  Drama/Absurd.

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