Hole in the Ocean

In Hole in the Ocean, Harley shares with her mother how she has been feeling disconnected from the hope she has for people.

HARLEY:  I feel as though I am floating on top of the ocean without a paddle, without a rudder, nothing but the clinging to the side of a boat, holding on with the hope to see land. I feel the only thing that changes in life is the weather…people don’t change, not unless they truly want to, we wait for someone to change, the waiting keeps us going…but believing that they will change, is futile. It always leads to brokenness. I’ve been lost at sea filled with all these feelings, with no rescue in sight to save me. I know the only thing that penetrates the density of darkness is the light of hope, but is it real? The disappointment that question leaves me with gets me low. Oh, but I know there’s a tsunami of love out there, it is somewhere, it’s got to be and instead of destruction, it will bring warmth, honesty and truth…that’s what I’ve been waiting for.

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Hole in the Ocean by Joseph Arnone 1In the one-act eplay Hole in the Ocean, Peggy and Harley can’t seem to come to terms with the source of their unhappiness.  2 women, 1 man.  Drama/Absurd.

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