Facing The Sun

In Facing The Sun, Tom is positioned on a mountaintop with two fellow soldiers. Reynolds is dead and Chester fights to stay conscious.

TOM:  No, no, come on, walk it off soldier. Keep your engine running. Right now we are driving, you see, we are driving far out to the countryside, toward the hot sun, it’s beaming on us but we love it and don’t put the visor down, just let it burn baby and it’s hot, making us sweat, it’s so damn hot and out in the near distance, the ocean, yeah, we’re driving toward’s the ocean, you see it, there’s that blue open water for us to take a dip in and refresh, ahhh it’s paradise. Straight ahead, there’s food vendors selling Nathan’s hot dogs and burgers and we’re gonna get ourselves a delicious cold brew of beer and we’re gonna get so drunk, we’re gonna be falling all over the sand and we’re flying now, we’re free and nothing can touch us, no enemies, (Chester buckles) KEEP WALKING SOLDIER! (Chester buckles) Chester Goddamn you, I said keep walking soldier! You walk! Walk for your life! Walk for your family! Walk for your soon to be beautiful wife Cassandra! You walk for your pride if nothing else you f’n, (Tom is almost dragging Chester now) you walk for me, for me, please Chester, don’t die and leave me on top of this stupid ass mountain you bastard, cause I’ll kill you I swear it, I’ll…(Chester walks stronger) That’s right, soldier, you keep walking, you keep moving, you are unstoppable, strong, that’s right…talk to me, how you feeling? How you feeling Chester? You coming back? You with me now?

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Facing The Sun Play ScriptIn the one act eplay Facing The Sun, three soldiers are stranded after combat on a mountaintop during heavy winter.  They are waiting for their rescue chopper to arrive but due to weather conditions, they have been waiting for quite some time.  Supplies have run thin.  One of the soldiers named Reynolds has died.  Tom and Chester remain but Chester is fighting to stay awake.  Tom does everything in his power to keep Chester and himself alive.  3 Men.  Drama.  

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