Inner Core

Inner Core is a female dramatic monologue, SHELLY suffers from depression and she talks to her Doctor during a session to gain clarity on her issues.

SHELLY: Sometimes I stare inside myself and try to figure out how I can kill my inner core. There are days when I wish to remove myself, from myself. Start fresh. Anew. Mop myself clean and start over again. Keep the same outer shell but with new inner meaning and purpose. Sort of like an upgrade to an old program that doesn’t function as well as it should because it’s outdated. I desperately need to upgrade my system, reboot my mind and wash everything out…but there is no way for me to change my inner core. It will always remain…the remnants of my past, the wires that have rusted and gone awry…they will always stay in place. They say you can never disconnect from your past self…we may try and act like we have, like we’ve found a way to be removed from it all but deep down, we always carry the same software.

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In this one-act play, Shelly talks to her therapist Doctor Lambert about how she wishes she could start over and oddly enough, Shelly’s request may prove to be scientifically yet secretly possible.

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