Bad Talk

DIZZIA and BIV are chilling out at the corner store.  They’re good friends.  Along comes YOCO, who is the neighborhood crazy.

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Yoco: Hey, why you always bother me for, huh?
Dizzia: I don’t know whatch you talkin’ bout?
Yoco: When I pass through here’s. Why you always talkin’ shit on me for?
Dizzia: Keep it movin’.
Yoco: Yo see? Now you sayin’ it to my face when you always sayin it behind my face? Why you do that for?
Dizzia: Well now I’m sayin’ it to yo face.
Yoco: Why you do that?
Dizzia: Leave me alone.

Yoco pulls out a knife.

Yoco: Why you do that?
Biv: Yo, chill son, just chill. Nobody wanna give problems.
Yoco: She call me dumb.
Dizzia: You is dumb.
Biv: Shut up, Dizz!
Yoco: Why you talk that way for?
Dizzia: I ain’t afraid of you.
Yoco: I’m a stab you.
Dizzia: I’ll smack you upside the head.
Biv: Yo! Let’s chill! Yo man, nobody wants a problem. Just keep walking. The po-po just passed here. They be driving around the block. Gonna pass on through in a hot minute.
Yoco: I don’t care po-po. Piss on po-po. Say you sorry.
Dizzia: Ha, ha, ha.
Biv: Damn, Dizzia, just say you sorry.
Dizzia: I ain’t about to apologize. Whatch you gonna do with that nail clipper?
Yoco: Cut you.
Dizzia: You ain’t cuttin’ nobody.

Yoco puts knife away.

Yoco: I’m sorry.
Dizzia: What?
Yoco: I don’t mean to be mean on you. You makin’ fun of me so…
Dizzia: Yeah, well, stop starin’ at people then.
Biv: Ight man, we good, we good.
Yoco: I come back we friends?
Dizzia: Friends?
Yoco: From now on?
Dizzia: This boy is whack. Yeah, okay, we friendly, I don’t know about friends.
Yoco: Friendly is friends?
Dizzia: Just, yeah man, we can be friends. Arright? You good now?
Yoco: Thanks.  No more bad talk.  Only good talk. Happy.
Biv: Yo, nobody gonna say bad talk about you no more, playa. We good. Just don’t go pulling knives on people. Ight?
Yoco: Yeah.

Yoco walks off.

Biv: What the hell was that yo?
Dizzia: He be starin’ at me all the time!
Biv: Yo, we should report him.
Dizzia: Nah, police already know about him though.
Biv: Dizz, he pulled a blade on us.
Dizzia: It’s all good. He wasn’t about to do nothin’.  He acts dangerous but he ain’t.
Biv: He pulled a knife.
Dizzia: I ain’t scared.
Biv: I don’t need that dude rolling up on me.
Dizzia: I got you.
Biv: You ain’t got shit.
Dizzia: Are you serious?
Biv: Nah, man. That dude don’t think straight.
Dizzia: Can I tell you something?
Biv: Yeah.
Dizzia: He’s my cousin.
Biv: What you say?
Dizzia: Cousin. That damn fool my cousin. He just don’t know he my cousin cause he too stupid.
Biv: Are you kidding me?
Dizzia: Why would I say it?
Biv: How’s he yo cousin?
Dizzia: On my dad’s side. My Uncle’s son.
Biv: Oh snap.
Dizzia: He ain’t even supposed to be out at this time.
Biv: I can’t believe the neighborhood crazy is your cousin.  (beat)  I’m sorry.
Dizzia: We good.
Biv: He doesn’t recognize you as his cousin?
Dizzia: Nah. I see him all the time but it don’t stick. Maybe that’s why he’s always starin’ at me when I see him in the street.  He can’t place me in his mind.  It frustrates him probably.
Biv: Dag.
Dizzia: Don’t tell anyone.
Biv: I won’t say nothin’. I feel bad though.
Dizzia: It’s all good.
Biv: Ya own cousin pulled a knife on you. I mean, you should tell your Uncle then.
Dizzia: Yeah. I don’t know. I tell him but he’s, he’s not good that way. He’s always beatin’ on him.
Biv: On your cuz?
Dizzia: Yeah, we even think my cousin got problems cause he took too many hits to the head when he was young. It’s a long story.
Biv: What about your Auntie?
Dizzia: My Auntie’s dead.  (beat) He harmless though. He ain’t ever hurt nobody before.
Biv: I don’t know man.
Dizzia: Let it be. It is what it is.

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