Bad Talk

In short drama script, “Bad Talk” Dizzia confesses to her best friend Biv that the strange guy in their neighborhood is her cousin.

Bad Talk

BIV:  What the hell was that yo?

DIZZIA:  He be starin’ at me all the time!

BIV:  Yo, we should report him.

DIZZIA:  Nah, police already know about him though.

BIV:  Dizz, he pulled a blade on us.

DIZZIA:  It’s all good. He wasn’t about to do nothin’. He acts dangerous but he ain’t.

BIV:  But he pulled a knife.

DIZZIA:  I ain’t scared.

BIV:  I don’t need that dude rolling up on me.

DIZZIA:  I got you.

BIV:  You ain’t got sh’t.

DIZZIA:  Are you serious?

BIV:  Nah, man. That dude don’t think straight.

DIZZIA:  Can I tell you something?

BIV:  Yeah.

DIZZIA:  …He’s my cousin.

BIV:  What you say?

DIZZIA:  Cousin. That damn fool my cousin. He just don’t know he my cousin cause he off.

BIV:  You serious?

DIZZIA:  Why would I say it?

BIV:  How’s he yo cousin?

DIZZIA:  On my dad’s side. My Uncle’s son.

BIV:  Oh snap.

DIZZIA:  He ain’t even supposed to be out at this time.

BIV:  I can’t believe the neighborhood crazy is your cousin. (beat) I’m sorry for saying that.

DIZZIA:  We good.

BIV:  He doesn’t recognize you as his cousin?

DIZZIA:  Nah. I see him all the time, but it don’t stick. Maybe that’s why he’s always starin’ at me when I see him in the street. He can’t place me in his mind. It frustrates him probably.

BIV:  Dag.

DIZZIA:  Don’t tell anyone.

BIV:  I won’t say nothin’. I feel bad though.

DIZZIA:  It’s all good.

BIV:  Ya own cousin pulled a knife on you. I mean, you should tell your Uncle then.

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Bad Talk by Joseph ArnoneIn short drama eScript, “Bad Talk” Dizzia lets her best friend know that the guy who pulled a knife on her was in fact her cousin.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama.

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