Tell Me Something About Yourself…Anything

Max and Bree try to figure out why there’s a naked man tied up in the trunk of their car in this scene taken from, The Dancing Man.

MAX: Now, now hold your horses fella. Just hold ’em! I ain’t the guy who put you in the trunk, alright? I have no clue who the hell you are. If you gonna be chill, I’ll take the tape off your face…you gonna be chill?

The MAN nods.

Okay. Let’s stand you back up…slowly.

MAX helps the man stand and get the tape off his mouth.

What’s your name crowbar?

MAN: Huh?

MAX: Got a name?

MAN: …No…

MAX: Everybody got a name.

MAN: I can’t say.

MAX: Why not?

MAN: Don’t remember.

MAX glances at BREE.

MAX: You don’t remember your name?

MAN: …No.

MAX: Well, your nickname is gonna be crowbar.

MAN: Crowbar?

MAX: Gotta call you somethin’ for the time being.

Awkward beat.

BREE: Maybe he hit his head real hard. Maybe when you punched him.

MAX: I didn’t hit him that hard.

BREE: You did. I saw it. You knocked him cold.

MAX: I knocked him cold, but it weren’t no death sentence.

BREE: You hit him hard as sh’t.

MAX: I hit him hard enough to knock him out, not kill him or give him brain damage or anything.

BREE: I heard the sound of impact.

MAX: You what?

BREE: When you hit ’em.

MAX: And what it sound like?

BREE: (makes sound effect with her mouth)

MAX: Yeah?

BREE: (she does the sound effect again with equal intensity)

MAX: And that’s the sound that could have caused this man to forget his f’kn name?

BREE: I imagine it would.

MAX: You imagine it would.

BREE: Mm-hmm.

MAX: What about you, Crowbar? You imagine it would?

MAN: Maybe.

MAX: Tell me something about yourself…anything.

MAN: Anything…uh…I don’t know anything.

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