I don’t wish to hurt him in that way.

Drama scene from the 1 act play script, “Yell, Kick and Scream”, two men try to figure out whether or not to hire someone for a job.

GALLAGHER: Did you tell him?

ORION: I can’t tell him.


ORION: ‘Cause I can’t.


ORION: If I tell him, it will change things.

GALLAGHER: Oh, come on.

ORION: It will.

GALLAGHER: No, it won’t.

ORION: How would you know?

GALLAGHER: Because I know him.

ORION: Not as well as me.

GALLAGHER: Just as well as you.

ORION: …I won’t tell him and that’s it. Do you realize what could happen? Do you have any idea what could potentially happen?

GALLAGHER: It won’t.

ORION: Then you tell him.

GALLAGHER: I can’t tell him.

ORION: Why not?

GALLAGHER: ‘Cause I can’t.

ORION: Why not?

GALLAGHER: If I tell him…

ORION: Yeah?

GALLAGHER: If I tell him…

ORION: Go ahead.

GALLAGHER: It’s better if you tell him.

ORION: I don’t wish to hurt him in that way. He’s the jealous type. If I let him know exactly what we were up to, there is no doubt in my mind that he will become depressed. The man is at an age now where the smallest detail about anything positive or anything remotely good, can have terrible repercussions. It’s a snowball effect, one flake tumbling down a snow covered mountain, what will you have at the bottom? A fk’n avalanche, alright? I’m not going to spark that fuse. He’s a decent guy. I wished for him to get involved, I wanted him to, he would’ve grabbed the chance, he would’ve been our top man…but now? How’s that possible now? He’s not around anymore, couldn’t stay around. Lives on the other side of the country now. He’s out the game! He’ll have a whole new life out there, it’s over for him and he don’t even know it, sad. Makes me sad.

GALLAGHER: Yeah, it’s nuts.

ORION: He’s nuts.

GALLAGHER: It’s the Covid. Everybody’s nuts since Covid.

ORION: We’ve all been nuts, long before Covid, there’s always been more out than in. But psychologically, things have opened up more. All that restriction, the masks, distance, lockdowns, has brought out everything that we’ve been trying to keep suppressed. But we can only hold on for so long, you see? We need an outlet, we need release. I’m not saying it’s gotta be violence. I despise violence. I’m saddened by violence. I’m talking more about – the feeling, to get this feeling OUT in order to function more calmly again. And then, maybe after, we’ll retract into some new normal, maybe even a normal where things can start making more sense to us again. Things haven’t really made sense lately, right?

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Yell Kick and Scream by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, ‘Yell, Kick and Scream’, Gallagher and Orion have a meeting to discuss the possibility of working with someone for hire, which segues into touching on philosophy and back again.  2 Men. Drama with a touch of serio-comedy riding beneath.

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