It’s Nice To Know There’s Someone in This House

In this drama scene taken from the one-act play Laughter in the Distance Marva compares her son to the Grandfather he never met.

MARVA: You wanna go out, do you?

TOBEY: Just on the porch, so I can still hear you, in case you need me…is that alright?

MARVA: It gets awfully lonely in here by my lonesome. It’s nice to know there’s someone in this house, other than me but, on a scale of one to ten, ten being the strongest, how bent are you on going outside?

TOBEY: I’d say a twelve.

MARVA: A twelve?

TOBEY: Maybe even a fifteen.

MARVA: My oh my.


MARVA: Open that window there…a bit wider.

TOBEY opens up the nearby window.

Alight, I’ll give you the porch, but if I need ya, you MUST and I mean MUST, come runnin’ your linguine legs back in here. Understood?

TOBEY: Why do I have linguine legs?

MARVA: Cause you take after my father that way. He was built like you, or I should say you are built like him.

TOBEY: He was small?

MARVA: He grew into himself, but I can see how you’re shaping up just like he was.

TOBEY: I don’t wanna look like linguine ma.

MARVA: You ain’t gonna look like linguine, not permanently. You gonna look just like my daddy, you seen pictures of him, ain’t ya?

TOBEY: Yeah.

MARVA: Wouldn’t you like to grow up big and strong like him?

TOBEY: Uh-huh.

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