For All We’ve Got

In teen monologue, “For All We’ve Got” Luna confides in her best friend about how she has no direction in her life.

LUNA: I don’t know, that’s the problem! (Beat.) Look, I’m sayin’ that there’s nobody showin’ me the way, nobody out there sayin’, “Hey, this is where you need to go to be somethin’.” Yeah? Well, give me the steps and I’ll take ’em! (Pause.)

I just want the knowledge, ya know? I don’t see one person out there that, that’s like me, or was like me, or cares enough about me to..ah, man…I’ll do it, ya know…like, whatever it is I’m supposed to do, I’ll do it…I wanna be somethin’ in my life..I wanna do somethin’. I don’t wanna be stuck here, in all this mess, just watchin’ days go like they’ve meant nothin’. Like life means nothin’, but it has to, it has to mean somethin’ or be for a reason.

There’s gotta be more than what’s around us, no? I don’t want an average life; but I don’t know what I want, and I’m—I hear the ticking, time, I see it runnin’ out on me..I should be doin’ somethin’, instead of talkin’ on this stupid stoop with you all the time. I wish..I wish my father was alive, alright? He’d tell me. He’d be there for me, straight up. I know I ain’t ever met him, but, I feel his presence ’round me always. I sense him, like he’s watchin’ over me or somethin’. Like, I know he’s there. Sometimes I even hear him, ya know, whisperin’ somethin’ in my ear when the days just get too much. Always when the days are too much, he’s just there. I just wonder what it woulda been like to know him, what kinda advice he’d give–like, what if he coulda been the kind of father that I’d share a deli coffee and a mornin’ walk with? What would he say to me? I think he’d say somethin’ smart, somethin’ that could make me feel better. I bet. Ya know, it’d be nice ’cause I’d make sure I’d…eh…I don’t wanna get…(Pause.) I’m just sayin’ that if things was different, right…I could do more.

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For All We've Got by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “For All We’ve Got” best friends Luna and Shelley hang out together on a Saturday night.  Both come from difficult backgrounds, but support each other to get through their problems.  2 Women.  Drama/Teen Drama.

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