Laughter In The Distance

In Laughter In The Distance, Marva talks to her son about his Grandpa and how she believes he can grow up to be like him one day.

MARVA: He was a good man. I wish you would have known him. Never crossed nobody wrong but didn’t take crap from nobody either. He had integrity. He did. Everybody seemed to always be on their best behavior whenever he came around or whenever anyone was simply around him. He had that way. I think he made people try and be better cause he was so dignified. Almost like none of us ever wanted to disappoint him. Not sure how he got that way, must have been born in him, his brothers and sisters were wild as can be, but he was different. He told me that when he was growin’ up he was mocked and teased for being different. Used to call him weird, but that was just his way of being. He grew up to be a fine man, respected, loved..while all the others, the siblings that is, they never managed to uphold any kind a reputation. Hmm. He would have loved you. No doubt. Two of you would a been two peas in a pod. Wish I had his quality. I don’t. Lookin’ at you, seein’ the way you act, how good you are…just like your Grandpa.

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Laughter In The Distance by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Laughter In The Distance, Marva is an unhealthy woman who does her best to take care of her son as a single mother.  1 Woman, 1 Boy.  Drama.

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