Don’t Leave Me Without Muffin

Don’t Leave Me Without Muffin is a new play (one-act) that deals with addiction, love and misunderstanding between a mother, daughter and rag doll.

GINGER: I’m not drunk, Mom. I’m awake, wide awake. I see things very clearly. I see what you did to me growing up and how you left me to fend for myself. You don’t remember, do you? All those times I had no choice but to walk into town and search through garbage containers and dumpsters behind McDonalds, just so I could eat.

If I never did that I would have starved to death, just like Louie. Well, he didn’t starve, he died cause he was too young to take it…right?

This whole life, I am done! I am done thinking that one day it can change. The only real change that will ever happen is if I make the change myself and I am LEAVING!

No more bumping into random men in our kitchen during the middle of the night. No more sleazy smells from all the booze and drugs you’ve been doing. No more waiting for a smile, a look, something, anything that tells me you see me.

You never cared about me. You selfish, waste of life, you only cared about me if it served you well in some way. Whenever I’m no use to you, I disappear from your mind.

And now I’ve disappeared for good. You can keep your life. I want no part of it.

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Don't Leave Me Without MuffinIn this one-act ePlay, Ginger is leaving her home for good, but not without a final exchange with her mother over her beloved rag doll named Muffin.

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