One-Way Conversation

In One-Way Conversation, Bella confronts her mother about how she never seems to give her the encouragement and support she needs to follow her dreams.

BELLA: You don’t understand, you don’t ever hear what I’m trying to say to you. It’s always a one-way conversation. First, you come at me and complain about all the things you think I’m not doing and you do this to get me angry because you think by getting me angry it’s going to somehow make me work harder for what I want in my life and you’re wrong. I’m sorry, but you’re so wrong. That’s not the way to help me move forward. It’s not. Can’t you ever just be my friend and support me by giving me encouragement? Do you have any idea how impossible what I’m going after already is? Do you? it’s so damn hard and I can use some kindness…just some; you’re my mother, you know, I–all I ask is that you stop trying to get so damn strategy oriented with me and instead work with me, give me sound advice, if you have any, cause coming down on me doesn’t help. I’m not asking you to hand feed me, but be there for me the way I need you to be…there…you happy? Now you know what’s bothering me.

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One Way Conversation In this one-act ePlay, Bella and her mother try to come to a new understanding in their relationship after Bella’s mother comes down on her and Bella’s defense has been to distance herself.

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