Midnight or the Woodland

In Midnight or the Woodland, Badger shares his point of view with his friend Lenoy about how reason and emotion are oftentimes in conflict.

BADGER: It’s honest. That’s the trouble in this world, nobody is honest anymore. We all hide our truest thoughts, afraid of getting labeled one thing or another. Closed off.

Ya see, we keep things deliberately on the inside fer fear of lookin’ crazy or fear of gettin’ banned from our ever evolving society..but there’s a secret truth lurking within all of us..it’s undeniable..it’s, it’s unavoidable. We all have private, sinister thoughts; thoughts we would never reveal to others; distasteful, horrifying, uncomfortable thoughts that rise up in us, that scare us, that make us question our own goodness…what do we do? We run. We sweep our thoughts under the nearest rug and we sigh in relief because we trust that the darker depths of our psyche won’t get caught. Aye. So, what happens?

Someone somewhere can’t bare it. They try drinkin’, vacationin’, cheatin’, whinin’, distractin’ themselves with materialism..but deep down there’s that never-ending ticking time bomb; that person, whoever it may be, becomes another statistic all of us shake our heads over; all while keeping our own dangerous thoughts caged.

Well, here I am Lenoy, a man who has confessed his sins, my thinkin’ sins that is..me wife, she left me..feck’d off somewhere I know not, GONE. Have I thought about doin’ somethin’ bad? Yes, it’s passed me mind, but will I ever? Highly unlikely. I prefer to exercise a painful thought, than act on a mindless one, ya see?

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Midnight or the Woodland by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Midnight or the Woodland”, Lenoy visits his friend Badger who lives in the woods alone and the two undergo a philosophical discussion. 2 Men. Drama.

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