You gettin’ a motorbike?

This scene is an excerpt from one-act play script, ‘The World Changed Colour’ between two long-term friends.

It is early evening in East London. Winter is coming to an end, the sun is bright and slowly beginning to set. Michelle, 30s, headstrong with an aloofness, and Grace, 30s, bubbly with a sense of fairness, takes a casual stroll through a park toward an area of rocks that they sit together on. They’re dressed in hoodies, parka jackets and leggings. Both are fresh faced and youthful looking but you can tell that the years have had more than its time with them.

MICHELLE: I’m gettin’ a bike.

GRACE: Yeah?

MICHELLE: Yeah. Gotta get the license though.


MICHELLE: Yeah, I’m talkin’ bout a proper bike Grace.

GRACE: What? You mean you gettin’ a motorbike?

MICHELLE: Yeah, to ride out to Frensham on Sundays…feel the water, take a swim, only takes an hour on the M25 and the ride’s alrite. Gotta get to the empty flat, it’s just sittin’ out there, so I’ve been thinkin’ bout it.

GRACE: Sounds alrite! Long as you take me with you.

MICHELLE: I take you everywhere.

GRACE: (Laughs.) You think Scotty gets jealous?

MICHELLE: Probably. But he knows I love you so he don’t care.

GRACE: I love him too, he’s a good lad.


GRACE: What’d we do without ’em? Much as they make us wanna bury ’em, they’re alrite lads.


GRACE: Ten years…

MICHELLE: Long time.

GRACE: Ten fkin’ years…


GRACE: And we said we’d never get married!

MICHELLE: That’s how it always works.

GRACE: We’re out of our fkin’ minds Mitchie! And look at us, we’re fit as sh’t n’ still here, lucky bast’rds.

MICHELLE: They are, they know it. They don’t get it easy though, do they?

GRACE: Nah. No way…gotta keep ’em on their feet…someone’s gotta have a wanderin’ eye and it won’t be him havin’ it, couldn’t deal with that.

MICHELLE: Nah, I know.

GRACE: Can’t trust ’em girls these days, they’re dyin’ for it. Since the pandemic, nothin’s on time with Fred, they all hover ’round him outside the art school, gettin’ inta deep conversation with him while he’s waitin’ out there for me to exit class. Grown women too, just desperate for somethin’…and I ask him, “What they askin’ you ’bout?” and he just says, “Ohhh ya know, ’bout if I’m also a painter, that kinda thing”…

MICHELLE: It’s made everyone lonely I guess.

GRACE: Yeah.

(Silence between them. Grace looks up at birds flying.)

…Ahh, I know the sun’s out and all…but, d’ya think we’re gonna last? Really Mitch, where’d you think we’d all be in ten more years?

MICHELLE: I dunno.

GRACE: You and Scotty are gonna win them dance championships!

MICHELLE: Nah, don’t be silly.

GRACE: You are Mitch…Fred and I said, since the day we saw that final, we said you’re both gonna win gold someday!

MICHELLE: I dunno…I mean, I’d be happy ’bout it an all…more money I guess, he’s more driven than me ’bout it. I just, I dunno…guess it’ll be fun and all. Haven’t been thinkin’ bout that lately, I just wanna get on my bike and ride to Frensham on Sundays.

GRACE: With me!

MICHELLE: Yeah, course.

GRACE: (Laughs.) And with a bottle of Jack D’s in the back!

MICHELLE:  Now ya talkin’.

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The World Changed Colour by Daniella Alma‘The World Changed Colour’ is a one-act eplay set in an East London park among two working-class friends Michelle and Grace.  Relationships get explored between themselves and their partners under the struggles of economic instability and loss.  2 Women. Drama.

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