Talk of Th’ Town

In Talk of Th’ Town, Pete talks with his best friend about how terrible his wife’s cooking really is and how he suffers over it.

PETE:  Christ! Her an’ that bloody Goddamned gravy. Told her not to make it, to try something new, but she went on and on about her ‘famous’ feckin’ gravy like it’s th’ talk of the town. It certainly is th’ talk of the town, just not for th’ reasons she thinks! D’ye know she must have nearly killed at least twenty different men, women and child throughout them years. Can’t tell yeh how many fellas I brought over here from work and they all never come back…too polite to admit th’ truth, well, that’s honorable people, but every now and again I catch a whisper bouncin’ off the bar counter, an’ I don’t know what to do, usually just pretend I don’t hear a damn ting, just as well. I can’t blame ’em.

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Talk of Th' Town Play ScriptIn the one act eplay Talk of Th’ Town, it’s Christmas evening and Pete and Crissy have invited their dear friend over for Christmas dinner.  The problem is that Crissy is the worst cook in Ireland.  Pete and Drew discuss the trouble before being served dinner.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Comedy.

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