Rough Around The Edges

In Rough Around The Edges, Shelly talks to her boyfriend about how she misses her mother and wants to get a tattoo in her memory.

SHELLY:  There is no mystery. You don’t need ta know everything ’bout me. Don’t take that the wrong way. I have ta have some level of privacy in my life or I won’t feel like myself. Does that make sense? I will tell you something though…I’m getting a tattoo to cover my scar…it’s gonna have meaning that represents my mother, my life. We used ta watch kung fu movies together, so it’s gonna have an influence that means ‘never forgotten’…not that I’ll ever forget my mother, but I feel that, I don’t know, she’ll be somewhat closer to me, physically, you know?…Maybe I’ll be reminded of her more often. All the little things she use to say that once annoyed me, I don’t wanna forget all that now…well, I don’t wanna forget anything about her, not anything really, not even her hair or the feel of her skin…hope those things never leave me.

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Rough Around The Edges Teen Play ScriptIn the one act eplay Rough Around The Edges, Shelly opens up to her boyfriend Nicky about how she wants to get a tattoo in memory of her mother who had passed away.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Teen Drama.

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