10 Challenging Short Scripts for Acting Students

It’s always encouraged to challenge yourself as an actor. 10 Challenging Short Scripts for Acting Students are acting scenes handpicked just for you.

When a monologues, scene or script makes you a bit uneasy because it feels challenging, remember to reassure yourself with knowing that such challenges are what you want to face as a performer.

When acting challenges are difficult you will become more fulfilled for having the courage to try, be bold and take risks.

How else are you expected to learn and get better at your craft?

Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with characters that aren’t exactly your age or even role swapping for a different gender…our scripts are written to be flexible for you to do as you wish with no restriction on your creativity.

You are welcome to make dialogue changes, location changes…the goal is for you to get up and be creative and collaborate with other acting students.

Have fun and be open!  =)

10 Challenging Short Scripts for Acting Students

The 10 short scripts shared here are intended to take you out of your comfort zone.  We hope you pick a character and a scene that excites your imagination.

ZERO VISIBILITY – Louise and Arlene are stuck in a car during a winter storm, while waiting for emergency help to arrive.

NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD – Dwayne loves his brother Lonnie but chooses hard love in order to help his brother reach his full potential as a person.

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON – a dark look into the life of a criminal business deal gone wrong.

PIP’S RESTAURANT – a comedic love triangle face this three person group of who loves who.

CLEAN RECORD – two brand new friends are roommates in college and already they are trying to be on steady ground.

10 Free Film Scripts for Acting Students

ALDERONA – a family with hidden superpowers and great responsibility and Alderona isn’t so sure she makes the cut.

SMASH UP – even a pair of criminals have hearts.

ROAD TRIP GOING NORTH TO NOWHERE – Yanos is sent to kill Blane but things don’t go as planned when Blane’s wife gets in on the action.

THIRD STAGE OF SEAN – Sean is always conflicted over helping out a family member and his girlfriend Mallory tries to make sense out things.

CONDITION – a look inside one particular family just trying to get along despite life’s obstacles.


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