Searching for Bubbles

In Searching for Bubbles, Margot tries to ease her boyfriend into understanding that he may never have what he used to have.

MARGOT:  Because Matthew dear, you never had an ass worth saving. The cold, hard-hitting truth is that you come from a long line of assless men, each having good height, broad shoulders, thick hands but lack of ass. There have been times, I must confess, where I have reached out for it during the middle of the night and there was absolutely nothing to hold on to. Taking it one step further, since we’re on the subject, I have reflected upon it on my lonesome and tried to figure out why such a perfect man had a singular deficiency. You truly are absolutely, perfectly proportioned in every other physical facet, but there’s that one minor, tiny detail that forbids you true Greek God status and instead humanizes you, which is good because your ego does have a tendency to climb out of the self-control box every so often and if acknowledging the fact that you don’t have a Michelangelo painted rear end of any great significance, well, then I consider that a good thing because it will keep you in check and provide for you a more humble attitude in life. I’m sorry honey, but you need to know the truth of your own anatomy. But everything else is wonderful…I’m only saying.

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Searching for Bubbles by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Searching for Bubbles, Matt is confused and disappointed when he comes to realize that the butt he thought he had simply does not exist.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Comedy.

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