In Nightfall, Betsy speaks to her top man Henry about whether or not her nephew Willard should stick around.

BETSY: It’s one of them hot and bothersome days; not enough spike in my whiskey to cool my heels. For the life of me I just can’t think straight. I realize I have to make a decision, but this one’s tough. (beat) He’s been given every chance…such a burden that boy. Ha! Boy! He’s a full grown man that one, with the mind of a troubled teen…it’s no use, he’s getting in the way of business. Can’t have that. Can’t have that little son of a bitch turning this place on its face. Not after all my sacrifice. (sighs) He’s honest. That’s his trouble. Doesn’t know when or even how to keep his mouth shut. Tried so many times to peel his baby blue eyes back, make him see…can’t get in…mm…it’s my fault..should have sent him away but; ah…(sighs) couldn’t do that. He’ll be a headache removed but replaced with what? Guilt? He didn’t ask to be born, mm, not the way he is, not the way we are…

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Nightfall by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Nightfall, Betsy makes a decision that causes her what could be the beginning of much grief and regret.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama/Dark Humor.

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