You Should Be More Careful Driving in the Rain, Mr. Moss

“You should be more careful driving in the rain, Mr. Moss” is the beginning scene excerpt taken from mystery drama eplay, Despite the Rain.

ELIZABETH: You should be more careful driving in the rain, Mr. Moss.

ELIZABETH sits on a three person sofa across from HARRY and MARY.

HARRY: Why’s that?

ELIZABETH: Well, shouldn’t we all?

HARRY: Why, yes, of course.

ELIZABETH: You don’t need to be here Mother.


ELIZABETH: I like his face.

MARY: Are you sure?


MARY gets up and leaves the room.

There we are. Better. Mother is always interfering.

HARRY: Interfering with what?

ELIZABETH: You are such a smart man. Did you know that about yourself?

HARRY: I know I’m not stupid, if that’s what you’re asking.

ELIZABETH: That’s not what I’m asking and you know that’s not what I’m asking, Mr. Moss.

HARRY: …I find myself more intelligent than most, at least for the work that I do.

ELIZABETH: I’m trying to figure out if I can use you or not.

HARRY: Use me?

ELIZABETH: Not sure if you really need to be here.

HARRY: Use me, how?

ELIZABETH: You’ve done good work, helped many people, does that make you feel good about yourself?

HARRY: I like to help people.

ELIZABETH: Would you consider yourself on the side of good?

HARRY: I should hope so, but I’m not perfect by any means.

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Despite the Rain by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act ePlay Despite the Rain, Harry visits teen  clairvoyant Elizabeth at her home in order to help guide her with her troubling abilities.  During their meeting, Harry gets turned off when she mentions his dead son.  2 Women, 1 Man.  Drama/Mystery/Thriller.

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