Spirit Forward

In this dramatic female monologue, Dasana talks to her boyfriend in order to lift his spirits about continuing on with his passions.

DASANA: …You’re a genius and you don’t even know it. Or maybe you do know it but you are not one hundred percent sure because you don’t have financial success. Well, I got news for ya. You ARE a success. You ARE special. You ARE a genius. I see it everyday. I see you create these wonderful worlds that just happen. I see these little miracles everyday. I see the magic in you.

You walk around with this attitude of not caring as much and I love that about you but you don’t need to always be this tough street guy who wears his leather jackets and has a chip on his shoulder. You also have that sensitive side that you try to hide but it’s always there in your eyes.
I know you’ve been through so much but that’s what makes you such an inspiration. It’s amazing that you are where you are with everything that happened in your life. If you gave it up, you’d be miserable and you know it!

You can’t stop now. You need to keep on going forward. You’ve come this far. You need to keep the fire burning.

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In this short play, DASANA tries to talk sense to her boyfriend BENJAMIN, who is a writer not too pleased with his short story output to make a living.

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