The Adventures of Pippa Higgins: Radford The Rabbit

The Adventures of Pippa Higgins comes from an ongoing original series of short plays for children’s theatre. Great short kid’s plays for teachers/students.

PIPPA: My father built his very own animal gadget which, when used, will make any living creature fall peacefully asleep. He would never harm any living creature, ever. My father is a craftsman and an inventor and he creates wonderful contraptions to help make improvements in science and technology. My father loves animals and all living life and he wished to help Radford the Rabbit because he was ill. The same way my father helped Faris the Fox and Tabata the Turtle. My father helps all animals in need by taking them into his work lab and treating them with medicine. After he nurses them back to health and they make a full recovery, they are stronger, faster, smarter and happier than ever before. (beat) Don’t you think it possible that what you consider a magical wand was actually my father’s invention?

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Adventures of Pippa HigginsIn this one-act children’s play, Pippa Higgins makes new friends from school and introduces them to her dear friend Radford The Rabbit.  Radford is a talking rabbit and we soon discover that there is a little more mystery than expected with Pippa and her family of wizards.

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