I’ve seen you somewhere before, haven’t I?

Drama scene from the one-act eplay, “:Back to the Mistake” wherein Burke speaks openly at a corporate party event to a stranger named Albert.

BURKE: A real sorry, sad, depressing room…wouldn’t you say? …Wasn’t my fault, what happened…I love the little b’stard. He’s precious, a beautiful boy, especially the way my wife keeps him, like he’s a little model..hair kept to one side, always wearing his tiger t-shirt, and…cast should be coming off his arm next week, just a bit longer..(drinks)..she won’t let me get past it..past few weeks have been all I could take. Accidents happen, don’t they? Unintentional. Sometimes you could think something as you’re in the act of doing it, never believing that what you are thinking will actually happen. Right? I’ve thought loads of things that have never materialized…but, this f’cking thing did. Why is that? I mean, how is that? (drinks) …And I wasn’t even, physically trying, I blame the thought, the force of it, cause I would never wish to…it’s…he’s my son, my son…(sighs)

Burke stares back at Albert and then…

I know you…don’t I know you? Where are you from?

ALBERT: You don’t know me, sir.

BURKE: You look awfully familiar. I’ve seen you somewhere before, haven’t I? Haven’t we met?

ALBERT: I don’t believe we’ve ever formally been introduced.

BURKE: No, huh? Well, I’m –

ALBERT: Roger Burke, sir. I am Albert.

BURKE: Albert. How do you know my name if we’ve never met before?

ALBERT: You may not know me. I know you.

BURKE: Albert, what?

ALBERT: Only Albert.

BURKE: What’s your last name? Everybody has a last name or is Albert your last name?

ALBERT: Only Albert, sir.

BURKE: Are you putting me on?

ALBERT: Afraid not, sir –

BURKE: Just call me Burke, everybody does. (Burke pours himself a drink from bottle – he offers some to Albert, who nods yes)

ALBERT: Thank you.

BURKE: My pleasure, Albert, my pleasure. Here’s to not knowing who the f’k you are!

Burke clinks glasses with Albert and drinks.

It had to be a year ago, one of these corporate networking events. That’s where I’ve seen you.

ALBERT: Impossible.

BURKE: And why’s that?

ALBERT: I don’t attend corporate networking events.

BURKE: Why not?

ALBERT: There’s no reason for me to do so.

BURKE: I’ve got news for ya, Al..this, THIS is a f’king corporate networking event. (he laughs)

ALBERT: (smiles) Indeed it is, sir.

Burke slams his hand on the table.

BURKE (quiet intensity): Burke, just Burke, call me Burke or nothing at all.

ALBERT: Granted.

BURKE: Thank you. (leans back in his chair) So, where were we, this place, this stench of an atmosphere. You know my boss is the cheapest crook you’ll ever come across. Look at this place. (pointing) You call those balloons, you call those flowers…and the food, I only ate it out of starvation; the chicken was too pink and rubbery; the salad I wouldn’t even call a salad, was more like slosh. Did you eat any?


BURKE: The salad!

ALBERT: I had the lamb.

BURKE: Did you?

ALBERT: Certainly.



BURKE: How was the f’cking lamb?

ALBERT: Quite delicious.

BURKE: Really…


BURKE: Well…perhaps I should have gotten the lamb.

ALBERT: Perhaps.

Burke pours himself another drink, pours another for Albert without asking.

BURKE: What kind of work you do, Albert?

ALBERT: I don’t work, sir…I travel.

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Back to the Mistake by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, ‘Back to the Mistake’ Burke turns up drinking heavily at his job’s yearly corporate hotel party and encounters an eerie man who only goes by the name Albert.  2 Men. Drama. Dark Humor.

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