Don’t Call Me Nuts, You Know I Hate That

A drama scene from the one act crime/drama play script, Hurts When It Rains, about love and loyalty between two brothers.

FRANK: Don’t call me nuts, you know I hate that.

SALVE: Why are you so stupid? Tell me, why?

FRANK: Cause I love her!!!

SALVE: You love her?! You stupid bastard!

FRANK: I told you this is what I want, for me!

SALVE: You have a family. Look at me, see my face now…you have a family Frank.

FRANK: You’re my boss now, is that it?

SALVE: That is it. I am your boss. When our father died he passed everything on to me and it’s my burden to carry this family forward and see things are done right. That means making sure my brother makes the right decisions in his life and marrying that woman is not what’s right, not in this family, not today, not ever and that’s how it’s going to be. You have a choice Frank and we are leading up to something big right now. I need you to have a clear mind. I’m sending you upstate to get fixed and when you come back you will resume your life better than before. This stops, today.

FRANK: Wait, wait Salve, what am I supposed to tell her?

SALVE: Tell her that her brother is dead.

FRANK: …What??

SALVE: That’s right. Sandra’s brother is no more.

FRANK: What happened to him?

(SALVE stares at FRANK)

How…why did you do that?

SALVE: The money you gave him was not our money Frank. That money was from the Gufacci’s. You understand? You were carrying THEIR money to the track, NOT OURS. I’m glad you paid off your debt, but it was wrong of you to do that, and if you weren’t my brother you’d be buried in a hole somewhere in the woods.

FRANK: Ahhh God, ahhh man. Why didn’t you tell me it was the Gufacci’s?

SALVE: I have my reasons.

FRANK: I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Salve.

SALVE: Don’t be sorry to me. Be sorry to yourself and be sorry to Mom. You know, I always have to cover for your whereabouts but she’s beginning to suspect and she’s a sharp woman, there’s no getting past her. You put me in a position to lie to our mother for your own drug addiction. How do you think that makes me feel?

FRANK: You’ve done worse things.

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