The Last Stem

In The Last Stem, what Belle says on the surface may or may not be a deeper representation of something darker taking place within her.

BELLE: Is this easy for you? You sit there like some emperor, spewing out twisted variations of what you believe is my persona, dissecting me every chance you get. I don’t understand, what makes you think I can’t take care of our plants? Do you think so little of me now? I can take care of our plants. If it were up to you, you would have let them die by now. But look at where we are and look, who has attended to them? You or I? Answer me Martin! I made a mistake Martin, are you hearing me? A mistake, my own two eyes played a trick on me and it wasn’t due to some deeply rooted, pessimistic attempt at sabotage. Your analysis and diagnosis are incorrect. Therefore, what does that make you? To observe me from your picture perfect world…what if you were in my position? I would love to know what you would have done. If you were me, in that single moment, I wonder. But after all these years, Martin, who are you to raise a campaign against me? You can’t, not after this long. One doesn’t have a say in that matter. (Pause.) You’re right. I’m not the same. I’ve tried to fight it and do the right thing and there you are misunderstanding it all, and that doesn’t make it any easier, not when I feel as if every thought, every action I’ll ever do from here on is wrong…

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The Last Stem by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay The Last Stem, Belle has accidentally cut the wrong stem to her beloved plant and her husband Martin accuses her of intentionally doing so. 1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama.

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