Nowhere Near Happy

In the monologue from Nowhere Near Happy, Ava talks to the audience about the issues she has with her parents, especially in the face of her success.

AVA: I come from a family that never had any faith in me. They all had this poor man’s mentality and I knew as early as I could, that there was a different way, a better way. Nobody needs to settle for what they are born into, there’s always a possibility to grow. I don’t want to put my family down but the truth is in the facts. I grew up very poor. Everything was hands on. If I needed a sweater, my mother would knit me one, there was no word as ‘shopping’. I looked like a boy up until a few years ago because I was always wearing my brother’s hand me downs. (beat) Both my parents never strived for anything more than what they could see in front of their faces. My father, he’s a factory worker and my mother does seamstress work on the side, when it’s available. It was always go to school and get a job. It was never build your own business and follow what you want to do, especially if you are good at it. Even though I live on my own and have found success, I’m not one bit happy. Yeah, I could get my mother’s broken sink fixed or surprise my dad with a new set of tools, but I always get the feeling that I’m looked down upon, you know? Like they aren’t happy for me and it hurts. For once I’d like to get told I’m doing a good job, like I’m somewhat appreciated…

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