Too Late for Barking

In Too Late for Barking, Sal digs into his son about why he isn’t successful, backed by how he’s depended on him financially all his life.

SAL:  Try again! That’s the problem with your generation, you give up too easily, make room for the real winners in life. Stub your toe, go cry to momma but now momma isn’t there. I’m here! And I won’t baby you like she did. I won’t worship the ground you walk on. For what? For who? Your ego? What ego? You couldn’t strike out on your own no matter how much money I threw at you for support. College, travel, businesses…what? Where did it all get you? Here. If I knew you’d come full circle I’d a saved a hell of a penny and invested it into my own ideas and been a helluva lot further than where I ended up…your mother coulda still been with us, too—

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Too Late for Barking by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Too Late for Barking, Frank asks his father if he could take over the bar business and his father Sal doesn’t take him seriously.  2 Men.  Drama.

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