Big Time

In Big Time, Maddock tells his boxing manager Nico how he feels that he was never truly there for him when he needed him most in his life.

MADDOCK: …You know, when I first started you promised me the world. Told me I’d be champ some day. And I believed it cause I believed you. But where did you go Nico? You abandoned me. As soon as things started for me, the quicker they ended. Like you was afraid I’d actually be successful and you wouldn’t know what to do with me. Right? All them years. Wasted. Nothin’ but hot air blown in my ears from you. And for what? Just to get me taking fights with a bunch of losers, for the easy money. THE EASY MONEY, HUH! By the time I discovered that this was all about the hustle and quick bucks, I was past my prime and stuck, stuck in this place where I had to keep fighting before it got the last of me. Never rising above, never being given the chance I needed to make it big time. Cause you didn’t give a damn! You were a phony. You still are, you don’t wanna give up, you go on pretending. Talking the big talk. Never backing it up. And I had what it took. I had what it took. I felt it in my bones but never knew how to go about it. Let me talk to Aldo, I wanna quit fighting and do something more with my life.

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Big Time Short Play ScriptIn this one act eplay, Maddock confronts his manager Nico about how he doesn’t love fighting anymore and wants to quit to work for mobster Aldo. 2 Men.  Drama.

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