Venomous Impulse

In Venomous Impulse, Reloya has reached the final frontier with her father and family due to her dangerous behavior inside their home.

RELOYA: There are days that go by when I feel happy to be alive, the world seems perfect and everyone I know I can’t imagine not caring about.

Then there are other days, dark days, that I try to run away from, days that try to suffocate me…when I’m in that place, I hate everyone, the slightest thing will set me off…I get depressed, motionless and nothing strong enough could ever bring me out from it…

It’s like someone entrapped me in a net and although I can see and hear everything, it’s the way I see and hear everything that shifts into an ugly experience because I feel trapped inside myself…

I mean, how can I break out from myself? (beat) I’m stuck inside this skin. If I could exit this body, this mind, I would but I can’t, I’m held captive, forever.

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Venomous ImpulseIn this one-act ePlay, RELOYA is given an ultimatum from her FATHER that she has no choice but to accept.  Drama. 1 Woman, 1 Man.

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