18 Free Monologues for Teenagers

18 Free Monologues for Teenagers is a modern day collection of monologue pieces for teens for use for drama/comedy agent auditions, videos or drama class.

Topics include honesty, religion, normality, work, dating, crushes and more.

18 Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. Agree To Disagree – Harpa tells her friend that she prefers her to be more honest about things rather than pretending to act like someone she’s not.
  2. The Quicker I’m Done, The Faster I Run – Sid talks to his Guidance Counselor to tell her that he only wishes to graduate from school for his family.
  3. Parking Lot – Cindy is upset that she hasn’t been asked to go to the prom.
  4. Old Enough To Work – Martin wishes there was more food in the refrigerator and after complaining to his mom he realizes that he should get a job to help out.
  5. Mind Trick – this monologue is about having strange thoughts and not knowing what normal is exactly.
  6. Force of Reason – Franz talks about whether or not he believes in God.
  7. Painting Mona Lisa – Tracy tries to lift her friends spirits by telling her that she is prettier than she realizes.
  8. A Normal Level of Playing Music – Nicki goes off on his brother about playing his music too loud all the time.
  9. Roadmap Leading To Nowhere – Becka and her boyfriend are lost while driving and can only use a traditional ma since they have no cellular service.
  10. I Thought We Were Best Friends – Lena wants to understand why her best friend turned her back on her and became a traitor.
  11. Against The Negativity – Jesse has befriended a co-worker and she opens up talking about how it’s her dream to make it out of her neighborhood.
  12. Telling Secrets – Sarah feels betrayed by her friend for telling the guy she likes the truth of how she feels.
  13. Spring Fling – Kyra lands a blow on good ole Jake when she tells him she wants to place him in the friend zone.
  14. Not Making It Anymore – Jack has been in a three year relationship with his girlfriend and he thinks it may be time for them to split.
  15. We Will Cross That Bridge When We Come To It – Andy like the girl he’s been seeing regularly but when she talks about a more serious commitment he realizes he’s not ready for it.
  16. So Cute! – a short monologue about first crushes.
  17. Lick My Wounds – Crystal isn’t feeling the love from her man and in this monologues she thinks it may be time to give him his walking papers.
  18. How Noah Got His Fat Lip – Noah tells his mother that he got punched by his friend for releasing a bird from a garbage lid.


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