We’ve been taking things much too far.

In the drama scene from 1 act eplay, “Alternative Ending”, Alan questions his brother Ethan about their deceased brother Blake.

ETHAN: Perhaps you should take the remainder of the day off.

ALAN: I will not. I’m perfectly fine. It’s you that winds me up.

ETHAN: Pour yourself a drink. Let me add up the rest of this…(To himself.)…over a five-year period…

ALAN goes to the bar cart and pours himself a drink.

ALAN: Do you remember Blake?

ETHAN: What about him?

ALAN: Do you remember our brother..Blake?

ETHAN: …Alan —

ALAN: You never mention him. Not once since he died and it’s already coming on one full year…

ETHAN: I would like for you to meet with Mrs. Joyce and offer her a four percent interest rate. I’ve already reworked the numbers…here…have a look and follow my instructions precisely…she will be very happy.

ALAN takes paper from ETHAN and examines it.

ALAN sets it down on the table.

ALAN: Why?

ETHAN: Because it’s long term business. You go straight in for the kill. That’s not what father taught us. That’s not where the real profit margins remain…surely, you must remember —

ALAN: Why don’t you ever talk about Blake?

ETHAN: This meeting isn’t about Blake.

ALAN: He loved you especially, but you never, you never cared to —

ETHAN: If you would like a meeting to discuss Blake we can arrange that, but right now, we must go over the numbers.

ALAN: He worshipped the ground you walked on…why?

ALAN pours himself another drink.

ETHAN: Moving on to Ryan Fitz.

ALAN: Ryan, he’s paid up in full, just last week. The account retired.

ETHAN: Did you hand it over to Morris?

ALAN: I didn’t.

ETHAN: What’s gotten into you?

ALAN: Fitz retired permanently.

ETHAN: There is no such thing as permanent —

ALAN: He’s dead! The man died, Ethan. Do you expect Morris to dig him up from the Earth and extract further funds?


ALAN: We’ve been taking things much too far. You’ve lost your moral boundary.

ETHAN: Since when did you grow morals?

ALAN: Since Blake left us!

ETHAN: Blake would want us to do exactly as we are doing.

ALAN: Are you certain of that?

ETHAN: I am.

ALAN: How certain?

ETHAN: However certain certain is.

ALAN: Did you know that the night before Blake died, he told me that he wanted out?

ETHAN: How could I have known that?

ALAN: He said that our family had forgotten what it was like to struggle. That the long line of success had erased our memories. We had an extensive conversation, and you know what I learned? He was right. Our little brother was smarter than us both.

ETHAN: I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

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Alternate Ending by Joseph ArnoneIn the eplay Alternative Ending, Ethan’s brother Alan is having misgivings about the moral aspect of how they do business.  2 Men.  Drama.

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