Soil, Air, Sky

In the monologue from SOIL, AIR, SKY, Jeremy talks to his fiancé about how he’s been having dreams and thoughts about his brother who has passed on.

Jeremy: I see him, I get visitations…random images pop up in my mind all the time.  The latest one of him walking along a road on a hot bright day somewhere in Nevada, wearing a classic white t-shirt with grease smeared on it in patches.  Blue jeans, boots carried with his calm yet confident swagger.  Always deep in thought, right?  Friendly exterior…flowing by.  (beat)  Connected.  He was always connected to the soil, wasn’t he?  The soil, the air, the sky…a man of the land and the vocabulary to share it with you, if you cared to listen.

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In this one-act play, Jeremy reveals to fiancé Janet that he wishes for them to move to his home town down south and it isn’t what Janet has in mind. 

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