Growing Concerns

In Growing Concerns, Heather forces herself to face her doubts about having built a companion for her daughter’s potential happiness.

HEATHER:  This isn’t only your decision, Garth. You aren’t the only one living with the pain of regret. There isn’t a single day that goes by without finding myself trying to wake up from some delusional stare, imagining Rene being alive and well, happy and experiencing all the things life had to offer her…it should of never happened. (accusatory) I still look at you with blame. If you would have listened to me sooner, if you would have heard my voice…no, I blame myself for not being strong enough to go ahead with it on my own. But how could I? I couldn’t. We are the parents and such a decision must be made from both of us in agreement. But not even a discussion from you! How many times I tried to talk with you about it…always a distraction of some kind. Perhaps that’s where I was most weak, never having the strength to break through your blind stare…the commotion in your mind…I could do handstands and yet nothing but empty responses at best. Yes, we have this chance for our Kimberly and I have every right to be worried because I am worried. Yes, we’ve been to that damn facility multiple times but how are they to know how a mother who lost a child should feel?! They are science! There is no amount of science that will bring back our Rene, is there Garth? All this fury I hold deep inside my chest, choking me until I can’t speak, I can’t breathe…withering away until I can’t feel anything anymore because I’ll be dead. That is the only way left. (optimistic) We have our Kimberly. She is my living lifeline. We can’t mess this up, please tell me we won’t mess this up.

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Growing Concerns MiniIn the one-act eplay Growing Concerns, parents Heather and Garth are taking the final step to introduce their daughter Kimberly to the design mate they have had built for her companionship and love.  2 Women, 1 Man.  Drama.  Scifi.

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