19 Easy Monologues to Learn

Monologue Blogger would like to hook you up with some easy monologues to learn for your next monologue audition. We’ve selected a few goodies that are short and sweet but still kick some ass.  Sometimes less is more.

19 Easy Monologues to Learn

ACTING DIFFERENT – Cassandra tells her boyfriend that she doesn’t like it when he acts like a tough guy in front of his friends.

TWO SHADES AWAY – A monologue about trying to get back on track in life.

I’M NOT DUMB – a teen who doesn’t feel as smart as the other students at school.

ATTENTION – a troubled sister always causing drama within the family.

NEGATIVE ENERGY – Rose cannot allow her roommate’s sister to move in her apartment.

RESERVE – Having the courage to keep going.

RATTLED HIS INNOCENCE – When a dangerous man finds his own humility.

FRAME OF MIND – Ever feel like you’re going crazy?

VARIETY OF SELECTION – A gangster involved in human trafficking.

THE DISAPPEARANCE – Jake explains to his son, that he is going to have to go away and doesn’t know if he is ever going to return.

NOBODY BOTHERS ME – Patrick doesn’t want to admit to his Uncle that he’s getting bullied.

PEACE OF MIND – Dalarna triers to help her friend have a better family/life balance.

SPELL DEATH FOR ME – Facing the fear of death.

ENOUGH PEACE TO BREATHE – Ariah tries to work towards having a positive mind.

IGNITE – Brenda corners her co-worker in the break room and lets out a demon of words at him for his attempt at trying to seduce her.

LAB RAT – Osmo speaks on what he thinks humanity is all about.

PLASTIC & TAPE – Pop is pissed off at his two sons for breaking the basement window.

SPARKLE – Randa questions her attractiveness in her man’s eyes.

I’LL BE GONE – Brody tells his brother that this is the last time they are going to do a ‘job’ together.

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