What Ever Happened To Luella Beans?

In this monologue from one-act play, What Ever Happened To Luella Beans?, Rebecca confesses the truth of what really happened to Clarabelle’s mother.

REBECCA: I killed your real Momma. (beat) Shot her in the face, just like them papers say. (beat) You had to have known something was off all these years, deep inside…raised you as my own ever since Luella had you. It’s a miracle you came out as healthy as you did…

Your mother was in no condition to raise a baby. She had no one else but me. We were closer than sisters…promised her I’d do my best to raise you as my own on her behalf…she’d recover from drugs, relapse, recover, relapse…this went on forever.

I met and fell in love with a woman named Diamond and she was a diamond alright, she could shine as bright as the sun but hurt you real bad if you stared too long…somewhere along the way Luella must have gotten jealous and somehow or other Luella and Diamond became a thing…I was betrayed, destroyed and well…

…I tied Diamond up to a row boat, rowed her on out to the swamp…shot a few holes into the boat and watched it sink with Diamond’s shiny eyes starin’ back at me the entire time…waited till she drowned out…I rowed on back out of the darkness in a different row boat, of course.

Wasn’t so sure what to do about Luella but her drugging got out of control and I think the last straw came when she threatened me, saying she was gonna go to the police in order to take you away from me. She was planning on sellin’ you for drug money. I had a decision to make, didn’t I? I made up a bank robbery job that we could pull together…promised her all the money in the world and that it would get us back on track.

I thought long and hard as to what I was gonna do on that day and the final verdict in my mind decided I was gonna take Luella down..and so, that’s what I did…

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