Sliver of Sincerity

In Sliver of Sincerity, Lenora gives her sister a blast because she’s fed up with always seeing her sister being miserable and self-absorbed.

LENORA:  Oh, spare me your melodramatic bullsh’t, Emily.  Who cares?  Nobody cares.  I am so sick of your problems.  Constantly whining over such baby things.

(imitating)  “Me, me woe is me is all I ever get to see.  My problems, my worries, my situation, me, me, me, waa waa waa.”

So closed off from reality.  You never see anyone else around you, never take the time to move outside of yourself and actually care for another living soul.

No, you are never kind.  Never.  Even when you show a sliver of sincerity it comes off so put on and controlled because you start making strange faces.  Your cheeks, lips and eyes get all squinty and horrible and when you smile you look absolutely insane.  Your sincerity looks painful.  It’s so forced and awkward because you don’t know how to be genuinely nice to a-n-y-o-n-e.  You physically can’t bare it.

You are born to be rude.  Just a nasty person at heart.  Always huffing and puffing, barking and growling about something insignificant in your life and it’s gotten old.

Get out of your tomb.  Okay?  Live a little life, smile, get happy, whatever it is you need to do to WAKE UP.

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