Our Little Secret

In drama monologue Our Little Secret, Helen does her best to protect her daughter from her bad eating habits as she is slowly becoming overweight.

HELEN: …I’m sorry…I, you make me angry because you’re stubborn like your father and you don’t listen to reason. It’s not because you’re fat, you aren’t fat, pleasantly plump is probably the more appropriate term, but fat, no, you aren’t fat…I’m sorry. You know I love you to bits honey…I get frustrated because I want you to eat whatever it is you want to eat but unfortunately your metabolism makes you wear your food more so than you would like and therefore you need to be mindful as to what you eat. There’s nothing wrong with that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing what to eat and besides there’s a ton of things you can enjoy…we can go to the supermarket right now if you want and we can find all kinds of ice-cream that has less calories and it tastes just the same as the regular stuff. You wanna do that? You want me to take you to the market and we’ll get you what you want?

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Our Little Secret Mini CoverIn this one-act ePlay a mother does her best to comfort her daughter’s insecurities of being overweight.

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