I wish you would explode like a grenade.

In this drama scene from “See Me as a Stranger”, Gordy visits Tammy and his daughter in order to provide food and money to take care of them.

TAMMY: There ain’t no nearby shops for baby food. That’s the whole point of you showing up!

GORDY: I’ll leave now and come back.

TAMMY: When? Tomorrow? She’ll be dead by then, God forbid.

GORDY: Don’t say that!

TAMMY: I said, God forbid.

GORDY: That’s my daughter. Don’t you dare talk like that about my daughter.

TAMMY: We need baby formula.

GORDY: It’s just baby formula.

TAMMY: That she needs in order to stay alive, you dumb f’ck.

GORDY: Things can be happy, okay? To me! But you keep shoutin’, my mind will explode!

TAMMY: I wish you would explode like a grenade. Explode into a trillion pieces spread out across this whole sh’tty sidewalk so all the bums can trample over you. (Sulks.)

GORDY: Tammy, Tammy, Tammy, Tammy.


GORDY: Look what I have. (Gordy takes baby formula out from his schoolbag.) I didn’t forget. (He cackles.)

Tammy punches Gordy’s arm.

Stop hitting me! It was just a joke. I was only foolin’, girl.

TAMMY: I hate you.

GORDY: Gonna be all bruised up now. You don’t know how to take a joke.

TAMMY: Playin’ with life and death! What’s there to joke about?!

GORDY: It was…forget it…I don’t need this sh’t.

Gordy walks off. He stops. Takes a Teddy Bear out of his schoolbag. Turns back.

GORDY: Give this to Rachel for me.

TAMMY: What..is..that..thing?

GORDY: It’s a Teddy Bear.

The Teddy Bear looks as if it was dipped in tar and ran over by a train repeatedly.

TAMMY: That’s a Teddy Bear?

GORDY: Yeah.

TAMMY: Where’d you find it?

GORDY: Found it when I was lost.

TAMMY: So let me ask ya somethin’…if you was lost, why’d ya have enough sense to pick up that doll?

GORDY: I wanted to give it to someone. I didn’t know who, but there was this feelin’ that came up in me and so I picked it up.

TAMMY: You still makin’ jokes with me GORDY? Are ya? ‘Cause you’ll never see me again this time.

GORDY: I’m not. I’m not.

Tammy snatches the Teddy Bear.

TAMMY: This has gotta be the ugliest goddamn teddy bear I’ve ever seen in all my life.

GORDY: You think Rachel will still like it?

TAMMY: Of course she will. She’s a baby, her brain ain’t developed yet.


TAMMY: Neither is yours.

GORDY: Can I give it to her then?

TAMMY: These things carry diseases?

GORDY: I don’t know.

TAMMY: (Sniffs the Teddy Bear.) Smells like tar.

GORDY: But it ain’t sticky at all.

Tammy hands the Teddy Bear back to Gordy.

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