Am I supposed to give you money?

In drama scene from one-act play, “Delivery” Kelly shows up at Salve’s apartment to deliver a pizza and receive a cash filled envelope.

KELLY: Cold in here.

Kelly lights a smoke. Salve hesitates to tell her not to smoke, decides to remain quiet.

Not sure how you work in these conditions. That museum gonna take it?

SALVE: Museum?

KELLY: Yeah, didn’t ya say there was some museum interested in your ship models?

SALVE: They are yet to visit.

KELLY: It’s probably bullsh’t, like always, right? That’s what’s wrong with people, nobody knows what’s true anymore.

Kelly opens up the refrigerator. Kelly pulls out potato chips.

Ya left chips in the fridge again, Salve. Ha, ha, ha. (she eats a chip) Never tried cold chips before. Want some?

SALVE: I don’t recall ever leaving chips in there. I wonder what else we would find. Err, be sure to check the date. I don’t remember ever buying a bag of potato chips.

KELLY (checking): These are a year old! Aw! How gross?! (she coughs and spits into the nearby sink) Thought something tasted off!

SALVE: Are you okay?

KELLY (coughing and spitting): Yeah, yeah, not the worst thing I’ve tasted.


SALVE: Can I offer you some tea?

KELLY: Nah. I’m not much on tea these days.

SALVE: …Well…

KELLY: So, ah, do you have the envelope?

SALVE: Envelope?

KELLY: Yeah. The envelope.

SALVE (thinking): Envelope. Uh. I must have placed it somewhere, I think.

Salve looks around the room.

KELLY: Do you know what I’m talking about?


KELLY: The money.

SALVE: The money…oh! Goodness, me! Yes, of course, I nearly forgot. The money! Ha! (beat) …Oh…I don’t have any.

KELLY: What do you mean you don’t have any?

SALVE: Umm, I, I’m feeling confused at the moment.

KELLY (trying to remain patient): Salve, you’ve agreed to give me money each month, to help me with things…remember?

SALVE: I know that and why is that?

KELLY: What do you mean why?

SALVE: Am I supposed to give you money?

KELLY: That’s what we agreed on.

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Delivery by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, “Delivery” Kelly drops off another pizza pie to a regular customer named Salve, with the hopes of receiving an envelope filled with money. 1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama.

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