It’s all written across your face anyway.

Short drama scene from the 1 act Play Script “Final Curtain”. Frank readies himself before his stage entrance but gets asked to be a best man.

Frank talks to himself.

FRANK: There’s the mirror…the make-up…this wooden vanity…(he picks at the wooden vanity)…you’re a clown…who needs the make-up, it’s all written across your face anyway…(lifts his cheeks up with his hands and then lets his face drop)…all there, old blue eyes…

SISCO: Hey Frank, you’re on in ten.

FRANK: Alright. Sisco?


FRANK: How many we got out there tonight?

SISCO: Fifteen.

FRANK: No. What’s the real numbers?

SISCO: We got two, but one don’t look like they’re gonna make it.

FRANK: Two people. What do you mean one won’t make it?

SISCO: Coughing up a storm. Rita told me to ask them to leave if they don’t stop hacking.

FRANK: Tell Rita that one person coughing in the audience is better than no one in the audience.

SISCO: But it’s…non-stop coughing Frank.

FRANK: Non-stop? Maybe they’re sick…and they still came out to see me…in this rain, it’s raining outside, heavy.

SISCO: Ah, you know…the lady probably came in to get out of the rain…

FRANK: Oh, right, yeah…that’s true.

SISCO: Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we lost the spotlight. No replacement until next week.

FRANK: What am I –

SISCO: Rita said to just stand stage left and the light is bright enough to take care of ya.

FRANK: Oh yeah?

SISCO: Best we could do.

FRANK: Anything else I should know?

SISCO: I’m gettin’ married.

FRANK: You’re what?

SISCO: Married, gettin’ married.

FRANK: Oh. Well, congratulations.

SISCO: Carol.

FRANK: Carol, that’s right. Wow, happy for you bud.

SISCO: I’d like you to be my best man.


SISCO: Why not?

FRANK: Oh, no. No Sisco, you know I’m not best man material.

SISCO: All you gotta do is stand there.

FRANK: Nah, that best man, that marriage stuff ain’t for me. Ask somebody else. I’m not the guy.

SISCO: I couldn’t think of anyone better than you.

FRANK: I don’t wanna sound harsh but…I can’t. Let’s leave it at that now.

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Final Curtain by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Final Curtain, an independent theatre’s lease is about to expire, a stage hand is about to get married and the final performance of Frank’s solo act gets cancelled last minute.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama.

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