I thought we were going to make a deal.

In drama scene from one-act eplay, “Figure of Speech” Gary tries to buy Leonard’s business for a lower price than it’s value.

GARY: Leonard, it’s a fair deal.

LEONARD: I can’t agree with you.

GARY: We’ve known one another for over two decades. I wouldn’t throw a number at ya that I didn’t think was fair.

LEONARD: But, you would.

GARY: Would I?

LEONARD: Well, that’s what you’re doing here.


Gary gets up from his chair. He fills up Leonard’s glass with more liquor and then his own before walking around the conference room table.

GARY: …Perhaps, I would.

LEONARD: I don’t blame you.

GARY: This is business.

LEONARD: I’m not saying it isn’t.

GARY: …Well? …What do you want?

LEONARD: I don’t…

GARY: …Go on.

LEONARD: I’m not at liberty to say.

GARY: You’re the owner, aren’t you?

LEONARD: To a degree, yes.

GARY: Well..? What can I offer you?

LEONARD: We both agree that your original offer wasn’t satisfactory.

GARY: Alright.

LEONARD: We’ve gone over all the accounts.

GARY: We have.

LEONARD: …Make me an offer.

GARY: Hundred thousand more above what I’ve already offered you.

LEONARD:…(shakes his head)

GARY: You’ve got to make room for me, Len. I have to make my money back for goodness sakes. Years are going to pass me by before I see a penny.

LEONARD: You’ve seen th’ books.

GARY: No. Forget it. Forget the whole deal.


GARY (stares at Leonard): Okay, what?

LEONARD: I’m saying okay as in we can forget the whole deal.

GARY: I can’t do the deal at that price. You’re asking me –

LEONARD: What price?

GARY: Huh?

LEONARD: I wasn’t asking for any price, except the right one.

GARY: And what is the right price, Leonard?

LEONARD: You already know the –

GARY: I met you tonight because I thought we had a deal.

LEONARD: There was no deal –

GARY: Make a deal. I thought we were going to make a deal.


GARY: I don’t need your business.

LEONARD: That’s fine.

GARY: I’m trying to help you retire.

LEONARD: Are you?

GARY: No one out here is going to offer you what I’m offering you Len. So, what are you goin’ to do? Die in yer shop? Close the doors and walk away with nothin’? Why are ya playing hard ball? It’s a simple yes Len and the deal is done. Say yes!


GARY: Just say yes! You’re overthinking all a’ this.

LEONARD: Gary, I –

GARY: Say YES! Just say the words and be relieved of your duties.


Gary shoves a chair as he walks past one.

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Figure of Speech by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, ‘Figure of Speech’, Leonard has a meeting with a longtime friend in order to review his company accounts and discuss the potential buying opportunity of his business.

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