Your resistance makes things awfully wearing.

Drama scene from one-act play script, “The Notes” Lucas speaks to Mr. Chestnut about his belief the notes will create a worse off situation.

Mr. Chestnut sits on the edge of his desk, peering at Lucas.

MR. CHESTNUT: There, there. I wish things were simple. I do. Even I don’t understand the reasoning behind these notes. All I know is that I’m tasked with the responsibility to make sure that when the notes do come in, they are received, read and accepted by the correct person. You must not make my task harder than what it should be…your resistance makes things awfully wearing. (beat) I used to empathize…for who or what I don’t recall, but there still remains a tiny part of me that is active in that way. It has been a long time since one has argued against the notes, it almost makes me feel thankful to hear it; but I keep the notes…no matter what. (beat) You will not win this battle, you cannot take claim to what’s yours, because it isn’t yours.

Mr. Chestnut goes back behind his desk and sits. He lights his cigar and puffs.


LUCAS: …I have received the notes…I have read the notes…

MR. CHESTNUT: Yes, yes, go on.

LUCAS: I…I believe that these notes were intended to be issued for someone else.

MR. CHESTNUT: Open that folder.

Lucas opens the folder.

What name is printed on the label?

LUCAS: Lucas, my name, Sir.


LUCAS: It is still my belief that the label was either misprinted or the notes inside of this folder are notes intended for someone else.


LUCAS: There are others with the same name as me.

MR. CHESTNUT: We do not make errors.

LUCAS: Maybe this was –

MR. CHESTNUT: We have never made a single error, EVER!

LUCAS: All I’m saying sir, is that maybe perhaps this is your first error.

MR. CHESTNUT: You are clever, aren’t you?

LUCAS: All I’m suggesting is that we gather all the others with the same name, in order to look and find the mismatch.

MR. CHESTNUT: The notes are never wrong.

LUCAS: But perhaps this –


Mr. Chestnut stands and puffs his cigar.

Lucas fumbles through the folder and points at a page.

LUCAS: …Line one-thousand forty one –

MR. CHESTNUT: But even still.

LUCAS: Line two thousand twenty –


LUCAS: They do not add up!

MR. CHESTNUT: (puffs his cigar)

LUCAS: Sir, sir please…if you look at everything leading up to this point in time, such notes can not be performed.

MR. CHESTNUT: You have been tasked.

LUCAS: Tasked with an error.

MR. CHESTNUT: Let us assume that this is an error, you must see it fulfilled.

LUCAS: The previous notes have been forgotten.

MR. CHESTNUT: Excuse me?

LUCAS: Everything leading us to here.

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The Notes by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act ePlay, “The Notes” Lucas has been brought in by Mr. Chestnut to discuss if he had received and read through the notes,  and if he is willing to accept the necessary changes.  2 Men. Drama.

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