Behind The Eight Ball

In the teen drama monologue, Behind The Eight Ball, Helena shares personal details about what she goes through in order to make a life for herself.

HELENA:  Everything is easy for you, Sally. I don’t have parents like yours…I can’t stand my mother and my father always has no more than two nickels to rub together.

I always feel like I’m behind the eight ball, trying to keep up with you and all the others and I’m on my own…working my stupid job, going to school, in debt, it’s all on me and some days I feel buried alive. Some days I literally don’t want to open my eyes in the morning…I’m like a zombie. I’m turned on but feel like I’m being dragged in every direction I go in and I can’t stop, not for one second because as soon as I stop it will all come crashing down on me because I don’t think I can keep going if I stop.

I’ve always been trying to keep up and I’m losing. Everyone is getting too far ahead of me in this race and I can barely, just barely see you up ahead but any minute now, I won’t and I’ll be alone, completely alone…

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