Blind Spot

In short comedy script, “Blind Spot” Mícheál enters a pub in search of his mother, after an embarrassing incident occurred at their home.

Blind Spot


MíCHEáL leans against a brick wall with his back, while Father O’ Connor lights a cigarette.

FATHER O’CONNOR: Alright, out with it.

MíCHEáL:  Well, it’s like this…I’ve done a pretty bad thing.

FATHER O’CONNOR:  Out with it boy, I ain’t got all day!

MíCHEáL:  Alright, here it goes…I smacked me mom.

FATHER O’CONNOR:  What’s that say you?

MíCHEáL:  I smacked me own mother.

Father O’Connor smacks Mícheál up against the brick wall.

FATHER O’CONNOR:  Like that?! (smacks him again) Or like that?!

MíCHEáL:  Alright, alright! Jesus Father, I come to you for forgiveness of my sin.

FATHER O’CONNOR:  There are things that the good Lord advises me to handle a particular way!

Father O’Connor smacks Mícheál again. Mícheál’s lip bleeds.

MíCHEáL:  Father! If you just listen to me, please.

FATHER O’CONNOR:  The only one who can forgive you is your mother! You are despicable. I don’t ever want to see the likes of you again!

MíCHEáL:  Father, please, wait! You don’t understand. There was a prowler come into the house during the night, and I fought him off me mother, but in the midst of the fight she was smacked a lick from me own hand. It was meant for the prowler, but it caught her instead and now she thinks I deliberately smacked her when in fact I would never do such a thing as that. I love me Mother. I’d never raise a finger and that’s for any woman that is.

Father O’Connor smacks Mícheál.

FATHER O’CONNOR:  That’s for making me smack ya for no good reason. Why do you come for forgiveness?

MíCHEáL:  For the accident of it, of course. (beat) Am I forgiven?

FATHER O’CONNOR:  You’re a schmuck. Where’s mom?

MíCHEáL:  Well, that’s just it. We can’t find her.

FATHER O’CONNOR:  What do you mean you can’t find her? Where has she gone?

MíCHEáL:  When the police came to take the prowler, she was gone. I couldn’t find her. Me whole family is out there looking.

FATHER O’CONNOR:  Have you spoken to Ned Finley?

MíCHEáL:  I’m looking for him, too?

FATHER O’CONNOR:  He’s inside the pub.

MíCHEáL:  Is he now?

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Blind Spot by Joseph ArnoneIn the short comedy script, “Blind Spot” Micheal is trying to locate his mother after their house was invaded by a prowler and she got caught in the middle of a physical scuffle. 1 Woman, 4 Men.

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